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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One year old

One year old

She loves kitties and puppies!
If you talk about the puppy, she looks at Rachel's picture she drew of a puppy on the mantel and she says, "arf"
She says arf every day when she wakes up(She's said "arf" for a couple of weeks on waking, but for a about a month, she said "mow.")
She loves peek a boo and will try to pull down the pillow or crawl behind the partition.
She loves ice cream, and she calls it "ah oo" or "ah um"
She calls ta tat "ah oo"(They are both milk products!LOL!)
She loves watermelon
She commando crawls with her "rudder"  in the air
She loves to pat Precious. She will grab her if we are not careful.
She scoots on her bottom to where she wants to go when sitting
She started holding our hands and walking on July 3rd.
She loves to walk
If I want her to go to William, Rachel, or David and she thinks she want to stay with me, she will go if they start singing OLD MCDONALD.
She loves Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Old McDonald.
If she is crying in her car seat while we are driving, those songs and Silent Night will make her stop.
She loves singing and music and tries to sing with Rachel.
She likes to swing on the back porch.
She loves to read her animal books
She loves her barbells
She is still the light and joy of our lives
God knew what He was doing when He gave this precious little girl to us! What a blessing she has been for us all!
She had such fun with cousin Sydney at Beth's fourth of July party. They took each others crackers, banged similar spoons and cups, fed each other crackers, opened Isabella's presents together and had so much fun.
Janey made Isabella a cake and it was so cute!-

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