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Monday, December 6, 2010

5 months old

At 5 months, Isabella is a joy.

When she smiles, she ducks her head shyly.
When she smiles, her whole face lights up and her eyes shine.
When she complains, she changes the tone of her coo.
She rarely cries.
She has great head control.
She still hates tummy time, but can raise her head feet and trunk.
She loved eating her dresses this month.
She loves spoons the past couple of weeks.
She loves the measuring spoons and her links.
She does crunches when lying down or back.
She laughs often.
She loves her bath.

5 months old

At 5 months, Isabella is a joy.
She loves to talk and play.
She still doesn't really like tummy time, but will tolerate it for a little while.
She had her first ear infection.
She had her first Thanksgivng and despite being sick, enjoyed all the activity and people. She especially enjoyed Keely, Krisenda and Kelly.
She has great head control and is very strong
She likes to stand in your lap
She hates to sit back and does crunches when leaned back or lying down.
She is nursing pretty well and often can just nurse and go an hour or two after.
Isabella's hand eye coordination is really taking off. She has been holding fingers and her clothes  and blankets for over a month now, but the past couple of weeks, she has held spoons and rattles and rings, etc.Week before last, I gave her a little spoon to hold while Rachel and I were in the kitchen and she loved it. She put it in her mouth and held it for a long time. Last week I gave her the measuring spoons and she loved them. We went to China palace on Monday or Tuesday and she played with a spoon the whole time we ate.

Isabella was diagnosed with her first ear infection on last Thursday, December 3rd. Lee looked at her Thanksgiving Day, but I think she had it then even though he said she was OK. She has been pretty miserable for a while. She started feeling better on Sunday. She is eating better and much happier. It was a long haul. She started feeling bad on Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I wish I had gotten her rechecked earlier.
Last night she was about to jump out of the tub she was kicking so hard and having soo much fun.
She goes for her well baby check today.