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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Everyone is enjoying Isabella!
She is a joy to hold. We love all her little baby sounds. We love all her little baby moves. We all oooh and aah over her all day long. There is never a shortage of arms wanting to hold her.
The cuddling, the snuggling,  the feeding, all so much fun. We excalim over her all day long.

Today, she demostrated a new talent.... Projectile pooping.
Rachel was changing her  and had just put a new diaper on, but it was not yet closed.
Isabella pooped all the way across the room. We could hear Rachel's exclamations and all went to see.
We all laughed heartily.
William got the clean up joh. He is the one that pooped all over the carpet at 18 months and it was David's birthday. Rachel couldn't because she was gagging. Lol.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I am thanking God for all the wonderful people He brought into my life as a result of carrying Isabella to term with an uncertain diagnosis. He brought beautiful women of faith along side me to encourage my heart, women that walked the same road and turned their trials into a ministry of faith, Monica Rafie, Louise Flannagan, Laura Dawson, Julie Stahl, Amy Beth, Katie Butts and others.
All of my friends that have prayed for us. I want you to know that each prayer strengthened and encouraged my heart. Thank you for lifting us up. God is always good, even when His answer is no. I am grateful for His "Yes!"
I look forward to the new friends we will make as we travel the journey He has planned for us. I hope to honor and glorify Him as He is worthy of praise and devotion.
Please pray for Katie Butts and Ellie, from the blog,

Katie is due to have Ellie on August 17th. This has been a difficult and uncertain pregnancy. Ellie will be medically fragile and have to endure many tests and treatments if she survives to term.

You will be blessed by her posts.... Her first child, Will, was born a congenital amputee. He makes me laugh and nothing holds him back.

Katie is a woman after God's own heart.See More

Baseballs, Butterflies, & Blessings
Please welcome and pray for my new friend, Meghan Beauman Bell, and check out her ministry, Cross Healed Hearts.
And I have been remiss in not posting the site that first gave me hope when I found out that Isabella had very little chance of survival.
Thank you my friends. I love you all