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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My possessions can be stolen, but not my treasures!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34, Matthew 6:21......

Today my wallet was stolen right under my nose. I saw her face. I saw her put her hand in her purse, certain that the wallet she had just taken out of the shopping cart was now in her purse. When I confronted her and asked if she saw my wallet in the buggy that I had just vacated to get another, she denied seeing it, but promptly ditched the buggy, left the store, went to her car and left the parking lot.
I thank God that all my treasures are in Him.
Last night, Sarah and I left Jackson at the same time. She was headed to Hattiesburg. Rachel, Isabella and I were headed to Meridian. I hated knowing that she would be traveling alone, late at night, on a bad two lane highway. I really wanted to follow her and then come home, but I didn't. I prayed. I prayed that God would surround her with angels, that His hand would protect and guide her safely home if it was His will, certain that nothing could circumvent His will.
I breathed a prayer of thanks when she said she was pullling into her apartment complex, grateful that God protected her and certain that angels surrounded her. I love the story of Eliasha and Gehazi when they are surrounded by the army of the enemy, and God opens Gehazi's eyes to the army of angels that surrounded them protecting them for harm. Nothing can stay His hand when He acts. 2 Kings 6:8-22!
A dear friend lost her newborn baby to Turner's Syndrome about a year ago. When she did, as she grieved, she said that the only person that she could have released her precious daughter to was her Savior that sacrificed for them both and loved them both.
I knew that if anything happened to Sarah, she would be with my Savior. He is the only one that I could release one of my children to and even then, they are not gone. My treasure are stored  in heaven. My heart would be broken, just as my friend's heart was broken. But my treasure would not be gone. He already holds my treasures safely in His hand.
Oh Lord, what would I do if my treasure were not in You?
Thank you for your Son you sent so long ago.
As we welcome this Christmas season, let us remember where our treasures lie.

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