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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


When they're little and in constant need and constantly complaining, sometimes you wish that they were grown. All mine are grown now and out of the nest, except my special blessing Isabella. I don't know what I would do without her!
I miss the rest of them. They are always in my heart. I treasure the moments I get to talk to them in a day. I love when they text that they love me or to say goodnight.
I long for the day that we live close to each other again. I hope that God sees fit to make that happen.
I am grateful that I have a pharmacy liscense that is good to work in any state. It could happen easily if  I can get them all in the same vicinity.
God, look after them and guide them while they are spreading their wings to fly. Let them serve you and love you.
I love you, Lord.
Thank you for my salvation and for Your forgiveness. You are a strong, loving and mighty God.

I did treqsure the moments when they were little. I loved being a mom most of the time. We all have times when we could cancel a holiday because we've had such a bad day. I almost canceled Halloween one time. I have wanted to cancel Christmas and Thanksgiving before depending on how badly behaved they were at the time. LOL!

Sometimes I still want to cancel all the hoopla that goes with Christmas. I would love to just sing carols, worship, and cancel all the commercialism attached to Christmas and have a Christmas of service.
I think I'm alone in that sentiment. The kids like the money and the gifts.  I like money and gifts but they are what add the stress