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Monday, July 18, 2011

I did it again

Well, I did it again.
I was mad and upset with the someone in my life that rubs me the wrong way. They deserved it. For sure.

But it wasn't God's will.

He isn't interested in my rights or the violation thereof, as such. He is interested in my obedience. In that, I show that I love and fear Him. Fear Him, not like the horror flick kind of fear, although He is capable of mayhem much worse than any horror flick could dish out. But fear Him, revere Him, respect Him, honor Him. submit to Him, bow down to Him. I do, but not because of the power He could unleash, but because of the love He has shown me. He is worthy of my reverence and respect and honor and submission. He is my Lord.

I wrote a post and referenced a Lisa Terkeurst post about the woman of the rare word. I have failed to be that woman in tongue and in attitude.

I'm sorry Lord. I love You. Please, I want to pour myself out so You can fill me up. Show me Your way and help me to correct my steps sooner next time.

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