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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My blood pressure is officially up. I can't get it down unless I am lying down. I started some Aldomet, but I don't know if it will help yet.
They did some tests for preeclampsia today and I will do a 24 hour urine tommorow. All my blood work came back OK, but I have retained a lot of fluid over the past week.
Then, when I went to work, I had contractions the entire time I was on my feet. They stopped when I got home and started resting, but I don't know how many more strikes I can take and keep on. I sure do hope I can keep going at least another week. But I will listen to what they tell me.
The good news is that Isabella passed her NST. I was relieved that her heartrate was good when she was moving. And she decided she did not like that monitor on her at all. She moved a lot! LOL! She threw a little fit when they started. She was all riled up. The very idea of anyone fooling aroung with her. I am so careful to pay attention to the things she indicates she hates. She doesn't like tight pants. She hates for me to bend over. She really doesn't like for me to poke around on her, but I confess that sometimes I do because I like to watch her kick. She really has not been crazy about me lying on my left side, but I found out that that is the only way to get my blood pressure down, so I have ignored her on that one. She has adjusted.
They were so sweet on the OB floor and told me to come back anytime I was the least bit worried about her. Better safe than sorry. Since I have been worried on the days she is not very active, that made me feel better.
Thank you, Lord that I made it through this day of work after the monitoring. Please continue to bless me and Isabella. Keep her safe until it's time for her to make an appearance.
Again, You know the desire of my heart.I pray that she would be perfectly healthy.
I know that You are able and I am not ashamed to ask.( "Ye have not because ye ask not." That doesn't mean He will say yes, only that I should ask. If I were perfectly in tune with His will, I would know what He wills and ask for that. But I am not there. I don't know if I ever will be. Sometimes I hear Him very clearly on some issues. And sometimes I can't make it out at all.
I have been almost sure many times in this pregnancy that He was saying "no" and then we passed another month that I didn't think we would make. I obviously was not hearing Him correctly, thank heavens!)
Lord, I know you give us enought light for the step we are on and ready for.
Thank you for all You are and all You do.
I love You. I really do.
Lord, bless my marriage.
This pregnancy, the wedding, and working have strained things greatly. He really didn't want to deal with what was already on his plate, much less anything new. He has really hurt my feelings with a lack of care and consideration. I need Your healing power. I need the strength to save up forgiveness until he is able to want it.
I need Your love to pour through me, unmerited and undeserved, to him.
Fill my heart with what You would. Shape me as You would. Help me to be ready for molding and shaping into what You would have me to be.
I can't change anyone but myself and I am only responsible for myself.
Thank You for that too!
In Jesus Name and by the Power of HIS HOLY BLOOD,

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