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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am so grateful. I am humbled and grateful that You always see me through the blood of Your Precious Son. Those words don't really encompass how I feel about that.
It's Your Grace.
Unmerited favor.
Love beyond measure, totally underserved.
No way to earn it. But no need, thank goodness.
You're always there... Trying to help me see... Trying to help me grasp...Leading me...Loving me... Guiding me...
I want to share You with a dying world and help them see the God I see.
I want them to know the God I know.
They don't know how much You love them.
Lord, help me to become a purer vessel for You, help me to forsake the sins that beset me and get in the way of Your desire to live through me.
I want so badly to be a vessel for You. It's pretty obvious how far I fall short.
Thank You for You unlimited patience, love and forgiveness.
Thank You for Your unlimited ability to do above and beyond all that I ask or can envision.
Forgive me for all the ways I fail You.
Thank You for that forgiveness.

Please let me work this week to keep some of my income until Isabella is here. Thank You for allowing me to work until now. Forgive me for the times I have complained about doing too much. I am grateful for how You have provided.

Help me to be the wife, mother, and friend that You have created me to be.

Help me to remember Your unlimited power and love as I go through my day.
Keep me in constant prayer. Help me be with You as I go through my day. If I worked harder at walking with You instead of my misguided attempts to live for You(As much as I would like to think it does, it does Not come naturally! Unless You are constantly living through me, I am walking in my own power... No wonder I am not seeing the results I would like to see.)
I love You and am so grateful to be Yours.

In Jesus Precious Name and By the Power of His Precious Blood,

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