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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Answered prayer

I haven't listed one of my biggest blessings: my future son in law, will be son in law on Saturday!
I have prayed for my children to find a spouse that loves the Lord for their entire lives. My prayers are sometimes audible and sometimes take the form of trusting God because He knows my hearts desire. He knows that I want, above all, I want my children to live their lives to His glory, to honor and glorify Him because He is worthy or honor and praise. Because He alone is the source of all Good and All Good Things.
Bryan loves the Lord and he loves Sarah. I adore him and am thrilled to add him to our family. I praise God for bringing them together and answering one of the greatest desires of my heart.
Dad always says the two most important decisions a person can make are accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord and marrying the right person.
Sarah has now accomplished both.
Life has bumps.
Life is unpredictable and nothing is certain.
But the two most basic things you need for a happy marriage are to love the Lord and love each other.

As a bonus, Bryan is responsible and has impecable character.His heart is to serve the Lord.

I am overjoyed to turn Sarah over to him!

I am delighted that she will be his responsibility!

I will always be here for them, of course, but what a big rock to put in my stack!

Thank you, Lord for answered prayer. You are truly amazing. If I forgot to thank you before now, let me say:
I praise You for all You do. I praise You for accomplishing this. I thank You for Bryan.

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