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Monday, October 22, 2012

The BIggest Rocks First!

The Biggest Rocks
This is a list of the most important tasks I want to accomplish in my life.
1. Have a close, vibrant relationship with God by having a regular quiet time and time in the Word every day.
2. Have a prayer life that is on fire! Keep a prayer journal.
3. Be the witness of all that He has done for me. Blog regularly.
4. Have the marriage God calls me to have.
5. Find and accomplish all the He has for me to do. This includes reaching out to the poor and lost in tangible ways. This includes sharing my story.
6. Have family devotional times at meal time.
7. Memorize scripture at meal times. To do this we need nightly meals around the table.
8. Have monthly parties to bring others into my home. (To do this, we need a regular routine for keeping the house clean and the laundry done.

9. Continue to exercise and diet to regain my fitness.
10. Lead my children to have an impact for the Lord.

The Unveiled Wife made a list of tasks to accomplish in her marriage. I am going to copy her list for you. It's great!

10 Commitments To A Better Marriage – The Marriage To-Do-List

1.   Love Intentionally
2.   Pray For My Spouse
3.   Be Content
4.   Bless My Spouse
5.   Read Scripture Together
6.   Respect My Spouse
7.   Initiate Intimacy
8.   Be Transparent
9.   Give Thanks
10. Affirm My Spouse

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