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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blessed Because He Is Faithful

I wish the perfect scripture were coming to mind right now.
My heart is so full of His blessing.
He is so faithful.
He hears me.
He answers me.
Oh, Precious Lord, let me faithfully live my days to Your glory! I am so blessed to be Your child. I love You so much. Thank You for Your faithful work in our lives, in the lives of my loved ones and friends and in my life. I don't deserve all that You do. Thank You for Your sacrificial love on Calvary! Thank You that my sentence is "Not Guilty" due to Your love.
You are worthy of a life lived all out.
Help me to live it for You.
Show me what You would have me to do to show my gratitude.
And remind me of this the next time that I am struggling with an area that You have already revealed to me. I am ashamed that I struggle with even the revealed. Let my heart be obedient to You!

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