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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live Uncaged

I am ready to put the past to rest. I am ready to move on to my future without the burden of the past weighing me down. I am so grateful that my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, can heal me of the wounds of the past and give me a future more beautiful than I could ever imagine.
Forgive me, Lord for hanging on to the past for so long. I thought I had laid it to rest, but thank you for showing me how deeply marred I am. Thank you for empowering me to move on even if my present stays the same. That is the kicker.
I am in relationships that are going to be here even if I want to put the past to rest. Some of them cause me pain on a regular basis. It is that ongoing pain that I have had the most trouble with. I can't make it not hurt. The offenses are there. But I can be empowered by Jesus to let the offenses go even as they occur and even before, and STILL MAINTAIN THE REALTIONSHIP. God is powerful....
I can be so certain of who I am in Christ; I can be so certain of how God is going to meet my needs; I can be so full of the Holy Spirit, that those slings and arrows bounce right off of me and are met with unconditional love. Thank you, Jesus!

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