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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

11 months!

I can't believe ithas been almost a year!
Isabella's favorite things!
Her people:

Loves the swing and Blaze and Precious and Faramir-!
Today I took her up to see Faramir. He rubbed all around her, circling her little body and rubbing against it over and over! She loved it! She loves for Precious to come in and "pet" her. It's nice to have a cat that pets herself on you.

Singing: She loves to be sung to. If she is crying in the car, Old McDonald, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Silent Night(duo by William and Rachel),Amazing Grace, and others will usually do the trick. She likes to be sung to sleep, also.

Also, if I am holding her and want someone to take her and she doesn't want to transfer, if they start singing and hold out their hands, she will reach for them. Sometimes they have to sing the right song, often, Old McDonald.

She wakes up every morning, smiles, and says, "Mow" Sometimes she says,"e-mow" for the cat.

She's gotten really fast with her scoot, crawl. I  need to get a video of it today.

Her favorite words are meow and ah-um. She meows all day long and looks for her red book with the picture of the baby lion on the front. She will crow like the rooster, eh-eh-eh, and bark like the dog, arf, arf if you do it first.

She loves food and will eat almost anything! She eats a whole slice of pizza, loves watermelon, ice cream, squash, sweet potatoes, green peas, green beans, spinach, applesauce, etc!

She babbles all the time!

Plays peek a boo, eskimo kisses and loves to head butt!

Likes to touch my face when she nurses and play with my mouth and nose.

Really only likes the right side.

Still a port a baby.

She weighs approximately 17 pounds and is approximately 26 inches long as of a couple of weeks ago.

She is the light of our lives!

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