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Monday, April 18, 2011

9 months

At 9 months, Isabella sits for long periods of time playing with her toys on the floor.
She loves her books.
She loves to swing on the back porch.
She loves the dog.
She has enjoyed hikes in the Moby wrap in the woods at Bonita Lake holding a cheeto and drinking water and the occasional ta while I site on a stump.
She is a great traveler and went to St Louis for Rachel's appointment without any problems, stopping to nurse every 2 or 3 hours and playing happily in her car seat for hours at a time. She was  happy at every restaurant as long as she could have something to eat or play with. We call her our portababy.
She loves her da and said da da one day last month on the same day she said mama.
She says mama all the time now.
She began babbling last month about mid March and  carried on long conversations for a few weeks.
She finally likes tummy time and will play on her stomach on the floor.
She loves real food.
It constipates her.
We have added frequent servings of prunes!
She has 4 teeth.
I forgot to post her teeth as they came along! Bad Mama!
She loves to be sung to and it will quiet her in the car and just about anywhere else.
David finally started singing to her too because it works so well and she likes it so much.
She likes it when he sings "What a wonderful world"
She likes it when he says, "Roscoe P Coltrain"
She nurses through the night. I will be glad when she sleeps all night again, which she did from about 3 months until mid January.
I can't believe how much joy she brings to every day for us!

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