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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Isabella had her first cold the week before and during the Thanksgiving holiday. She did pretty well with it at first, but had a really hard time over the holiday. She got so stopped up some days that she couldn't eat, breathe,  nurse, or sleep. She was really having a hard time.
On a brighter note, that was mainly during the evenings except for Thanksgiving Day itself, that day she felt bad all day.
Brenda's son Greg, his wife, Kelly, and daughters, Keely and Krisenda, came for the holidays. We enjoyed them sooooo much. Isabella adored the girls and Kelly. Kelly was great with her and helped me a lot. The girls were great with her too and helped me a lot, too. Keely spent my birthday with me and Isabella the day after Thanksgiving. We played cards and took care of the baby. She picked out outfits for the next couple of days and pajamas for the evening. Isabella loved her. She got Isabella to sleep when she was fussy and I needed to get a shower and get ready to go to Beth's for a birthday dinner.That night, Isabella sat at the table in Keely's lap or Krisenda and loved watching them play cards. She stared at the cards and was happy being in the middle of the action.
I counted my blessings for the year on Thanksgiving Day. It was a bang up year. God gave us Brenda and her family, Bryan, Sydney Grace and Isabella. I am overwhelmed with the blessing of it.
William once again spent Thanksgiving playing with LJ, Caleb and Sarah Elizabeth. He horses around with them every year and they love it.
Isabella was laughing last night at David on the changing table when he made funny noises at her. Her cold is better, but I am not sure she doesn't have a secondary infection. It has been 12 days and she still has some congestion and is still pulling off her bottle and breast sometimes. Lee looked at her Thanksgiving Day for me and she was still OK then, but if she has anymore problems today, I am going to take her again.

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