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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wholehearted Joy

I am wholeheartedly praising God because she is wholehearted!

Isabella had her echocardiagram yesterday. It was three long hours long, but after 2 solid hours or more of looking at her heart and vessels, the doctor decided that her heart was OK. He heard an aortic stenoisis, but couldn't find any physical evidence of it. That was why they studied her so long. I am wholeheartedly relieved that she is wholehearted! Big brother, William held her and comforted her through the whole procedure, doing an amazing job of keeping her peacefully asleep. Thank you my big boy!
After crying for the first 5 minutes of the echo, William gave her a bottle and got her to sleep. My big boy held her in a very uncomforatble position (for him) for those 2 hours, and worked to comfort her so that she wouldn't wake and cry again as they poked around. They couldn't study her heart with her crying so it really was a necessity. They needed her to be quiet and still to do the procedure. By God's grace, she stayed asleep.  He is good even in the details. Can you imagine that visit if she hadn't slept.?

I am so grateful!

After our doctors appointment, we treked by the nursing home to see Laura's parents, my best friend while growing up. I learned so much of what I know of life and how to live it from them and from her. She is one of those friends that I will eternally be grateful to GOd for. I never would have navigated many of the trials of my life without her help.
It was such a blessing to see them. They ate Isabella up. I love them so much . Some of my best memories of childhood are with them. I praise my sweet God that I got to share Isabella with them today. It brought tears to all of our eyes, theirs and mine. It was so precious to see them hold my sweet baby and love her.

Of course the appointment was in Jackson, which is 2 hours away. It takes me forever to get everything I need for a day together, pump, pump supplies, diabetes supplies for William, all of Isabella's stuff, etc. By the time I did her last feeding before going to bed and got bottles sterilized and filled, the requisite load of laundry, pumped one last time before going to bed, etc. it was 2 AM. We got up at 4:30 to feed, pump, get ready and load up, so I really only napped for a couple of hours that night . I went by Babies R Us to pump and feed again at 9 AM, pumped and fed in a hotel parking lot at 3PM after the appointment , and then pumped as I drove home after our visit with the Colemans, LOL! I bought a nursing apron at Babies R Us and draped myself so I could drive and pump. I cut a sports bra up to use as a harness when I pump so I can be relatively hands free! Do you think that's what they mean when they say multitasking?

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