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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First visit with Gigi

This week we went to Jackson to a doctor's appt. I went to an MD that specializes in breastfeeding. She prescribed fenugreek to increase my supply and watched to make sure Isabella's palate was not too hight for her to nurse. She gave me a different size shield to use when pumping and advised me to nurse her when she wasn't frantically hungry. Still not much luck. I couldn't really nurse this weekend with all the company. We were getting the hang of it before we left. I hope I can accomplish that this week.

We went by to visit my dear friend, Laura, after we went to the doctor's. We always laugh when we call each other "my oldest friend" now. My birthday and Laura's are only a few days apart in November.
It was so much fun to watch Kimberly, Kaitlyn, Laura and Harry hold Isabella. . Ealier this year when Kimberly, her youngest, found out I was expecting, she told Laura and Harry to go do what they needed to do right now to get her a baby, LOL! That afternoon  Kimberly again  said she wanted a baby. Laura told her they didn't have anywhere to put a baby. Kimberly responded, "I have a whole shelf next to my bed!" LOL!

We visited Gigi this weekend. It was the first time she has seen Isabella.

It was precious. Gigi ate her up and Isabella loved Gigi. They gazed at each other for hours both days as Gigi talked and talked to her. William Lee came by to visit, too.
I took pics. I'll have to post them and a video. More later.

This was also the first time that Janie, Stacey, Lee, Andy, Jan, Bob,
Amy, and Mark saw her.
It was fun to share my sweet baby with our loved ones.

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