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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah asked for some gas money to drive to our family Thanksgiving in Batesville. David lectured her on money for a while and grudgingly gave her 20 dollars. Later that day, we were all going to a movie, and David cracked a joke about Sarah's outfit. She had on leggings and a long sweater with high heels. David said, " Sarah's wearing her hooker outfit." Sarah looked at him a quipped back, "As tight as you are with money, I have to make ends meet somehow!"

William had been playing with my great nephew Caleb James all day. They had played on the swing set and slide, sledded on the grass down the hill, along with other activities. Caleb is two and very smart. He fussed when he came in the first time that William hurt him while they were sledding. Caleb slipped off of the sled while going down the hill. Beth asked him if she needed to whip William and Caleb said, "Yeah!" She proceeded to fake a whipping a Caleb laughed. I wasn't sure that whipping was good enough and asked Caleb if William needed a better whipping. William asked Caleb's forgiveness and Caleb said he had had a good enough whipping. A little while later Caleb was hurt on the swing. We gave William another good "whipping." When Caleb was hurt on the slide, we did a repeat performance.
When it came time for us to leave, Caleb wanted to know if William had to go too. I told him he did. I said, "I can't leave him here. There wouldn't be anyone to whip him when he acts up. Who would whip him?"
Caleb said, "John would whip him."

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