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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice.
Sometimes I forget. Thank goodness God reminds me when I forget.
I have so many blessings. God has been faithful in protecting and raising up my children to love and honor Him. He has been faithful to ALWAYS be a rock and shelter, protector, sustainer. He fills everylonging of my soul. He is faithfulness, love, wisdom, shelter, comfort, light, life, joy, peace, gratitude, guidance, sustenance, discipline, protection. He is my healer, provider, and so much more than my friend. When all else fails, He never does and He never will.

In Colossians, He is called our all in all. In 1 John we find that God is love. In Hebrews, we find that He disciplines those He loves. In Phillipians, we find that He who began a good work is faithful to complete it, that He gives peace, that He will supply all our needs, that we can do all things through Christ. In James we learn to rejoice in our trials. In Romans we find that He works all things together for our good and nothing can separate us from His love. Throughout the Old Testament and New, we see the evidence of His faithfulness, His love, His wisdom, His peace, His power to heal, His power to protect, His power to guide, His power to forgive, His power to provide and sustain. In Jeremiah, we find that He has plans to give us a hope and a future. The list goes on......

Rejoice and again I say rejoice.

Life is full of trials. Some of our own making, many that are not. If the source of your joy is situational, it is transient at best. Let God be the source of your joy.

Keep your eyes on Him and not on your trials.

People are made of clay. Don't expect them to be perfect. Expect failure. It is an every day fact of life. People don't always fail, but they will fail sometimes no matter how hard they try. Only God never fails or disappoints.

Sometimes adults have character flaws that they appear to be incapable of overcoming. We are tied to some of them by marriage and some of them by blood. The issue has to be dealt with. In some ways it is fairly simple. Only God can help them. Just forgive them.

Sometimes the natural consequences of their mistakes will help them see the light. Sometimes, they don't want to see the light and therefore will never see it as long as they choose to ignore it.
Your anger will not help them see the light. It is a waste of your energy. Love them. Pray for them. Be honest with them about what you see at the appointed times(appointed by God- you will have to let Him guide you). But don't appoint yourself as their personal Holy Spirit. And don't expect it to change them.

{Just to be clear, I was referring to adults with character flaws. That doesn't mean that you are never responsible for consequences in a relationship. There can be gentle natural consequences that help mold your relationships with others. And there are desperate times when you are responsible for severe consequences to abberent behavior in times of drug abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, etc. At those times, though love must be exercised.}

Be glad that God is all you need. Be glad that you can do what He requires of you. Let God be responsible for others. It is too much for you to bear.

P.S. I did organize yesterday and today. I love it when I follow a plan. I have never been very good at that!When I read my blog, I saw that I said I was going to do that and it made me glad that that is what I did.I have not made it to the other house or planned my Arbonne events, but my leg held out today and I was probably up for almost 13 straight hours working. I was encouraged. I need to be able to do what I need to do. LOL! This is the first time it hasn't really given me trouble when I tried to do a full days work. It aches a little, but nothing like the trouble it has been giving me.I have to decide whether to try to homeschool and work and fix the other house up, or whether to homeschool, work and pay someone to fix the other house. I will pray about it.I won't let the kids go. Whatever I need to do to be the mother I need to be will be my first priority. God will lead.At least I have a plan.

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