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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

God continues to be my shelter, shield, healer and provider. He never fails.
The enemy seeks to destroy us and our loved ones. That has never been more clear than now. It is something I have known for a long time. But I always felt sheltered.
My prayer life has not been up to par. God knows the cries of my heart. I often let that stand. Lately, though, I have felt prodded to step up my prayer life. I found out why. I discovered an area of our lives that the enemy was trying to destroy us with. I guess in some ways, I felt safe enough. I didn't feel the need to fall before God on my face and pray for His protection in this crazy world.
Esther prayed when faced with destruction. She prayed and fasted in sack cloth and ashes. I feel the need to follow suit. I haven't put on my sack cloth and ashes. I am smiling and laughing at the normal things. I feel blessed and loved. But the enemies attack left my heart bleeding and shell shocked. I am not sure how one can be both at the same time, but I am. I am His child. I am always loved and protected and cared for. I am blessed. But I live in an alien land. This is definitely not my home.
Oh Lord,
I cry to You. You are our rock and shield. You alone are good. You alone are light, love, joy, and peace. Protect my family from the enemies attacks. I bind the enemy from my family by the power of the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I bless them with protection from my Lord and my God. I ask, Lord, that You surround the four corners of my home with angelic protection. I ask that You guard and protect my children supernaturally from the enemy and his attacks. I claim You, my Lord and my God, as my rock and shield against the slings and arrows of the enemy and his schemes and plans. I ask that You help me to raise my children to love and honor You. I ask that You guide us in teaching them how to reach a lost world for You. I ask that You help me to guide them to seek You and You only. That they seek to serve and honor and glorify You. That I serve and honor and glorify You. I praise Your Holy Name. I praise all that You are. I thank You for Your protection, love, forgiveness, guidance and wisdom. I love You Lord. You alone are able. I lie prostrate before You asking that You raise Your supernatural hand and shape and mold my family to Your glory, in Jesus name.
I yield the rest of my prayer to the Holy Spirit, that with His groanings to deep for words, He speak that desires of my heart in my prayer.

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