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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Isabella!

Written July 2010

Hey Baby!

You're here! God is so good! I get to keep you! I dare not even say the words out loud because if I did I would burst into tears! I can't even write them without sobbing! These are happy tears! My heart is so full it could burst!
They decided on Saturday, July 3rd that my eclampsia was severe enough to keep me overnight. They did 2 ultrasounds on you that day and at the time you were OK. Jill Acosta, my friend, was our nurse. She was so worried. On Sunday they decided to induce you because the PIH was reaching levels that were of concern, mainly my reflexes were so hyper. My BP was erratic.
On Saturday night, I began to have contractions. I had a good deal of pain. I wonder if that was when your placenta abrupted.
By God's grace, He kept you safe until your delivery on Monday afternoon with a placenta that was 25 to 30% abrupted, 40% is fatal. I am still overwhelmed at how close I came to losing you.

OK your delivery was pretty funny. I kept telling them that I went fast after 5. Now granted, I didn't go as fast as I usually do at 5. I waited until 6 to go from 6 to 10 in seconds. Misty was checking and felt it go from 6 or 7 to 10 in seconds. The call button didn't work. She sent your dad for help. You were crowning. He WALKED to the nurses station for the doctor. Dr. Nelson came in and was asking Rachel to hold my leg for me to push when I had another contraction and you popped out(head, shoulders and tail) like a champagne cork, one whole baby in a second. You should have seen the look on Dr. Nelson's face. It was a good thing the table was up!

Oh Isabella, I can't tell you how much I thank God for you. He has blessed me beyond comparison, beyond my wildest dreams.

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