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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Much better morning today. Got my swim in. Redirected my "fell off the wagon so I'm depressed" to "I deserve to be healthy and today is another day!" I find that it's all in my mind. I can defeat myself with my thinking.When you have used food for comfort in the past, it is easy to slip into thinking that you are depriving yourself. Not! If I remember that I want to change my unhealthy habits to healthy ones because I deserve to feel good and be healthy, if I remember that none of my bad habits made me happy, if I remember that my bad habits depressed me and the new ones make me happy, if I remember that one or two bad days are just that- one or two bad days and not a lifetime of bad habits whichever way I want to go etc.....I can get back on track! We can do anything we decide to do. I like to remind myself of that because I often feel controlled by life. P.S. OK, I was scared to get on the scale, but made myself and YEAH! I didn't gain anything! What a relief! It is so hard to get those stupid pounds off! I was unhappy with myself for falling off the wagon! Yeah! Have a Blessed Healthy Day!

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